In 2008 the RAD began an overhaul and update of their syllabi. They began with the Pre-Primary and Primary syllabi. Their aim was to produce syllabi that provided students with a strong foundation for further dance training. The new syllabi are fun and exciting to learn and provide teaching that is appropriate and relevant to young children today.

When students start school they are invited to join the Pre-Primary class. Pre-Primary in Dance along with Primary in Dance provide students with an introduction to the RAD’s Graded Examination syllabus. As an introductory level these grades create a pathway to Grade 1 and above and are suitable for students aged between four and eight.

At AFB Dance Academy, when we feel they are ready, we invite children from the age to 6 to be entered for their Primary examination or class award. On successful completion of the Primary examination or class award students receive a certificate and medal. As with all of the RAD graded syllabi, examinations are not compulsory. Students may progress to the next grade without taking an examination.

On completing the Pre-Primary and Primary course of study it is hoped that students will be able to demonstrate an awareness of the positions of the body, show control, co-ordination in their movement and use elevation. They should be able to perform expressively responding to the elements of music by using appropriate movement dynamics. They will be able to recall the exercise settings and preform a short sequence of steps that tells a story.

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AFB Dance Pre-Primary and Primary