Welcome to AFB Dance Academy, your destination for enriching adult ballet experiences in Market Harborough. Dive into the graceful world of ballet with our renowned Silver Swans classes, tailored especially for older learners looking to discover the joy of dance.

What is Silver Swans?

Silver Swans is an initiative by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) designed to make ballet accessible and enjoyable for adults aged 55 and above. At AFB Dance Academy, we embrace this program wholeheartedly, offering a nurturing environment where everyone, regardless of age or experience, can explore the beauty of ballet.

Why Silver Swans?

Discover the numerous benefits of ballet tailored for older learners. Improve mobility, posture, coordination, and balance while indulging in the sheer pleasure of dance. Taught by a Siver Swans Licencee our classes provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, where you can embark on your ballet journey at your own pace.

What to Expect:

Our Silver Swans sessions follow a traditional ballet class format, starting gently at the barre and gradually progressing to more dynamic movements. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or stepping into a studio for the first time, our classes cater to all levels. Feel the joy of movement as you refine your technique and awaken your inner dancer.

Health Benefits of Dance:

Unlock the transformative power of dance for your physical and mental well-being. Scientific research highlights the myriad benefits of dance, including increased energy levels, stress reduction, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced cognitive function. Embrace the opportunity to expand your social circle and find community through dance.

Join Us:

Embrace the enriching experience of Silver Swans ballet at AFB Dance Academy. Our studio, conveniently located next to the Langton Garden Centre in Market Harborough, awaits your presence. Whether you’re seeking a new hobby, a social outlet, or a path to wellness, our Silver Swans classes offer something for everyone.

Experience the magic of adult ballet with Silver Swans at AFB Dance Academy. Enroll today and step into a world of grace, beauty, and boundless possibilities.

If you would like to try out our classes use our contact page here, Contact us, to book a free taster class.